Who's Behind La Montagnette

Hi, my name is Jennifer, you can call me Jenn! I am the founder, jewelry designer, and metalsmith of La Montagnette Jewelry. I have a strong bond with nature and love spending time in the outdoors. Adventure crosses over from my personal life into my designs. When I am not in the studio creating and bringing my latest designs to life, I am out in the wilderness --- rock-climbing at the crag, summiting a mountain, ski-touring in deep pow, or trying to surf a wave.

I will always turn to the mountains and the seas for inspiration. It is my way of paying homage to Mother Earth's beauty. Like the breathtaking views of this world, La Montagnette pieces are also of simplicity and elegance. 

La Montagnette is a brand that prides itself on being ethically-made and ethically-sourced. By wearing La Montagnette pieces, you are vowing to help conserve the beauty of this world. As wearers of La Montagnette jewelry, you are making a conscious choice to choose a brand that cares about where the materials come from and making the bold statement that you understand the value of a piece made by hand and with love. Too many things in this world are mass-produced in factories and although consumers can save on cost--- you, me, and the other living organisms will lose in value. 

As the owner of La Montagnette, we aim to make each piece of jewelry responsibly and to educate others about how to help minimize our carbon footprint.